The Cole Classic 2019

On the first Saturday of every February the famed ‘Cole Classic’ ocean swim event takes place! The Cole Classic an annual fundraising swimming event held in Manly, Sydney. The event is celebrated by thousands each year and anyone can join in on the fun! This year we raised a staggering $205,450.35! A massive thank you to everyone who participated.   View more photos:  

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The Cole Classic 2018

This year we celebrated the 35th year of the Cole Classic. It was a great success, many smiling faces, proud parents and relieved swimmers. We continue to support and participate in this great community event. View video

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Chris Cole volunteered to design this market stall/ bus stop for Koripita village. Each morning the kids catch the bus to school and mums and dads to work or the markets, then in the evenings they sell/ trade their produce as everybody is coming home. It functions as a great little community centre, which seems to be much appreciated.

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I was recently invited to attend a Indo-Fijian, Hindu wedding, as you would expect it was a festive occasion with lots of colour, glitter, elaborate frocks, food and piercings. However, one of the most fascinating things about the occasion was the articulation of the wedding space. The ceremony significantly, does not take place within a temple or traditional house of worship, but at the family home of the bride, around a fire known as the hawan kund. The fire represents the sun’s energy and a form of Lord Vishnu. It is intended that the light and the heat of the fire will sustain

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tropical cathedral


I went with Masi Latianara to Naililili today to view this coral cathedral built in 1902. Masi amongst other things is a Heritage Architect, he has been tasked with the rectification of the cathedral. It is a very big task further complicated by the lack of funds. Interestingly, one of the most significant issues he is facing is how to stop the existing coral from crumbling further. Modern bonding agents are too strong and won’t bond effectively to the coral. Sadly the recipe for traditional mortar mix’s has now been lost. It is a noble structure, but as Masi says, it wouldn’t

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Soga thatch is a fantastic roofing material, it provides great insulation, is entirely organic and if done properly will last a long time. The thatch to the roof of this dining hall on Tavanipupu Resort in the Solomon Islands has lasted over 12 years and looks great. The essential element is to keep the thatching very tight and very close together when putting it in place, you will then enjoy a roof that is 95% waterproof. Anything that needs to be kept more waterproof than that, can be put in a cupboard. When placed over the top of a sheet metal roof,

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