The C-Pak is the original core design, a 65 square metre single bedroom, kitchen, living & bathroom dwelling. Extended eaves keep the sun and rain off the building protecting it from the harmful affects of weathering and reducing the need for maintenance. A large shaded verandah encourages outdoor living, while superior quality louvres, fixtures and fittings ensure a premium quality, cyclone-safe building.

We only use engineered timbers sourced from sustainably-grown plantations in New Zealand. This approach offers several advantages over common, alternative building materials:

  • Sustainability – wood is a renewable resource that stores stores carbon dioxide and requires smaller amounts of energy to manufacture
  • Strength – engineered timbers improve the load bearing and structural strength of the timber, so it is comparative with steel
  • Predictability – it has known performance criteria in fire and damage resistance in earthquake and cyclone events
  • Aesthetic – warmth and attractiveness

The Pak Shak C-Pak would make an excellent bush or beachside getaway.