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In the years I spent living in Fiji as an architect working on remote resorts, I was struck by how clumsy, time consuming and labour intensive the building process was.  I figured that there must be an easier method to build in more isolated locations, a faster, more efficient way with less impact on the environment and without sacrificing good design.

That’s why Pak Shak was conceived.

The inspiration for its design comes from two seemingly unlikely places – the Australian surf shack of the 1970’s and a French designer from the mid 20th century, Jean Prouvé, known for his demountable housing.

My goal became to combine the functional qualities of this master French craftsman, with the rawness and simplicity of the 1970’s surf shack.


Pre-fabricated in the workshop, Pak Shak is an innovative, engineered timber building system, conceived with environmental sustainability and durability in mind.

Pak Shak is adaptable, expandable, and crafted with meticulous simplicity. There are a number of different models that can be configured and extended to suit lifestyle, location, and budget.

Pak Shak offers you a known product, a known time frame at a known cost.